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What is encide?
Encide is an invite-only, underground community of designers, developers, and friends who have thoughtfully crafted a relaxing, youthful, and progressive environment. 8)

A Brief History.
The core members that started encide came from the website and community called mished (now offline). We shifted back and forth between several locations until encide came around in April, 2008. We were an open forum at first, but to keep the place filled with more quality members, we decided to keep only the best members and close off the registrations. Now, only qualified, existing members can invite new people to our community. In retrospect, it was a very wise decision for us.

Our Philosophy & Our Members.
We care about having quality members who want to be here for the right reasons. The Administration has gone to great lengths to ensure that this is a place free of many of the issues that exist in most online forums. We want members who above all else, respect everyone involved in this project. Our members are civil, honest, hard working, down to earth, and fun. There are rarely any fights, issues, or problems that the moderators have to deal with simply because we only allow people who won't cause those kinds of problems to be here. We are working towards having the most positive of vibes flowing around at all times. Speaking on behalf of the community, the administrators and moderators are pleased with what has been created, and we would like to keep it that way. As the administrator of encide, I am lost for words to describe what this place has become and where I can infer it is going. With that said, I hope you understand why we call ourselves underground, and why we will likely remain an invite-only community. If you believe you match the profile of an ideal member, and you would like to be involved, continue reading.

Seeking an invitation?
*Note - (As of November, 2010) - Encide registrations and invitations are currently disabled and have been for several months. Please do not expect to get an account in the near future. We are still alive and kicking, and we will be opening up for new members through invitation-only at some point in the future.

If you have not been invited here, but are interested in joining our community, then you must find an existing member who can invite you. Please, don't send one of us and email with the subject line "CAN I G3T ENCiDe INVITE PLLLZ!!!1!" - If you do not present yourself like someone with reasonable level of maturity, your chances of getting an invite will be greatly reduced. If English isn't your first language, just try your best. :) - If you do not consider yourself an amazing or talented artist, don't worry! We are looking for quality members, your skill level has very little to do with what we consider a quality member. If you are new to design, art, or development, but show a genuine interest in the subjects(s), you are more than welcome to seek out an invitation. Again, we care about the quality of our members and the quality of their intentions, not just the skills (or lack there of) shown in their work. If you mean well, don't be shy. :)

Note: Not all members of encide can invite new members, only the ones who have met certain requirements that have been set by our administration and staff. Once you are in the forums, you will have access to our extensive archive of tutorials, resources, and knowledge. But more importantly, you can be apart of a community that strives to help all of our artists and members become better at what they want to specialize in. Plus this is a fun place to hang out at. Some of our members are seasoned professionals who have won prestigious awards and worked with reputable clientele, while others are talented designers and artists who do what they do for recreational purposes. Either way, our diverse member base is something to sit in awe of, even while it is still developing. If you feel like you have something to offer to our community, then find a way to get encide. Google is a good place to start my friend. ;)

Teases & Freebies

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